PhD Students at the
University of Mannheim

About us

Who we are

We are the council of speakers of the doctoral convents at the University of Mannheim. The convents are the gatherings of PhD students at the faculty level whose speakers represent the interests of the PhD students within the university committees. The speakers meet at least once a month for an inter-faculty exchange. They elect two chairpeople and a treasurer from their ranks who together form the board.

When we meet

We always meet on the last Thursday of the month (except on public holidays, then on the Thursday before) at 7 pm at Uniclub, L4, 11 in Mannheim. For up-to-date information about our activities, visit us on Facebook or write us a message.

What we do

Our tasks are diverse and include the following:

  • Exchange with the faculties
  • Exchange with the university rectorate and administration
  • Representation of the PhD students in the university committees
  • Networking between PhD students of different faculties
  • Conception of events for interdisciplinary further education of PhD students
  • Contact for the wishes and concerns of PhD students

Interested in university politics?

If you have ideas or issues you would like to bring up, are interested in organizing events for PhD students, or would like to be part of a university committee, feel free to contact us or the respective speakers of the faculty.

The status group of PhD students

As of 01.04.2018, all doctoral students who are accepted as doctoral candidates must be registered as doctoral students in accordance with § 38 paragraph 5 of the Landeshochschulgesetz (LHG). This so-called compulsory matriculation simultaneously establishes membership of the university and membership of the status group "doctoral students". One can be exempted from the obligation to enrol if one is employed at the University of Mannheim with 50% or more working hours. If you are not enrolled as a doctoral student, you belong to the status group "Mittelbau". Doctoral students who are enrolled and employed at the University of Mannheim with 50% working time or more can choose which status group they want to belong to.

Advantages of the student status outside of university, e.g.,

    • Better conditions for insurance policies
    • Reduced ticket prices in museums, theaters, etc.

Access to offers for students from the AStAs, e.g.,

    • Free legal and social counselling of the AStA
    • Usage of the Bike Repair Shop of the AStA
    •  “Kulturticket” (“culture ticket”) offered by AStA

Same privileges as students within the university, e.g.,

    • Access to student semester ticket for public transport
    • Access to evening and weekend regulations for ÖPNV
    • Reduced prices at U Mannheim’s cafeterias

With doctoral students‘ semester fees, doctoral convents organize events for doctoral students, such as:

    • Winter/Summer School for doctoral students by doctoral students
    • Semester Opening Party
    • Workshops on and around your doctoral thesis

The Council of Speakers

Philipp Fränkle


Julia Marinitsch


Kilian Theil


Our Members in the Senate

Philipp Fränkle

Konstantin Gavras

Sophie Scharf

The Speakers of the Convents

School of Law and Economics

Julia Marinitsch

Speaker – Department of law

Julia Marinitsch is PhD student in law and speaker of her faculty.

Federico Innocenti

SPEAKER – Department of Economics

Federico Innocenti is PhD student in economics and deputy speaker of his faculty.

Business School

Theresa Bührle


Theresa Bührle is PhD student in business and speaker of her faculty.

Frederik Horn

Deputy Speaker

Frederik Horn is PhD student in business and deputy speaker of his faculty.

School of Social Sciences

Moritz Ingendahl


Moritz Ingendahl is PhD student in psychology and speaker of his faculty.


Fabienne Unkelbach

Deputy Speaker

Fabienne Unkelbach is PhD student in psychology and deputy speaker of her faculty.

Frederic Gerdon

Deputy Speaker

Frederic Gerdon is PhD student in sociology and deputy speaker of his faculty.

School of Humanities

Philipp Fränkle


Philipp Fränkle is PhD student in history and speaker of his faculty.

Sebastian Lücke

Deputy Speaker

Sebastian Lücke is PhD student in philosophy and deputy speaker of his faculty.

School of Business Informatics and Mathematics

Kilian Theil


Kilian Theil is PhD student in business informatics and speaker of his faculty.

Arne Lange

Deputy Speaker

Arne Lange is PhD student in business informatics and speaker of his faculty.